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General Dentist

When you smile for pictures or catch a glimpse of your teeth in the mirror, do you like what you see? At Sawgrass Dental Arts, we know that the secret to a great smile is healthy teeth. When was the last time you visited your general dentist in Coral Springs? Routine dental visits are a vital part of proper dental care, no matter your age or daily brushing routine. That’s because your teeth are constantly under attack from many of the foods you eat and drink. Your first line of defense against dental decay? The guidance of dental experts, of course! If you’re ready to enjoy the best dental health around, it’s time to learn what makes us the best choice for your general dentist in Coral Springs.

At Sawgrass Dental Arts, we care about our patients and their dental health. Our dental team understands how unnerving it can be to visit the dentist, which is why we put the utmost delicacy and customer care into every visit. We’re committed to meeting your individualized dental needs with services such as:

For dental procedures requiring surgical intervention, we utilize conscious sedation therapy to ensure our patients maintain optimal comfort. Our team understands how important your smile is, so we work to offer general dentistry services that cover your grin from cheek to cheek. Whether you need a major dental procedure, a dental cleaning or professional teeth whitening in Coral Springs, you can count on our specialists at Sawgrass Dental Arts.

Dental health is about more than just pursuing a great smile. Preserving your teeth and gums can help boost confidence and even promote overall well-being. This is because studies often show connections between periodontal health and heart health. The American Academy of Periodontology has found that individuals with gum disease were twice as likely to have heart disease as well. While the exact correlation between the two is still being studied, it’s no surprise that maintaining optimal dental health can support overall health as well. Often, gum disease can be treated with a dental cleaning and redevelopment of ideal dental health routines at home.

There are many reasons to visit the dentist, and there are even more reasons to count on our team at Sawgrass Dental Arts as your general dentist in Coral Springs. With our commitment to client care, our knowledgeable approach to dentistry and our utilization of the most effective equipment, we’re ready to care for your smile.

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