Family Dentist Parkland, FLThe holidays are upon us, and perhaps you?re losing sight of your dental care routine. With all the family visiting, holiday meals and gift shopping going on, your dental care might be taking a backseat. At Sawgrass Dental Arts, we?re proud to provide the best dental care for families and individuals all around the area. At our dental offices in Parkland, we?re improving holiday smiles with teeth whitening, fillings and even veneers. We know there are many different ways you can work to keep your smile in bright spirits this holiday season. Our knowledgeable family dentist in Parkland has put together some top tips for protecting your smile this holiday season:

  • Snack Carefully. There are plenty of crunchy, chewy and tasty snacks and treats that are staples of the holiday season. But before you chow down on these treats, keep your teeth in mind. Don?t crack nuts or bite down on candy canes with your teeth, you may wind up chipping a tooth.
  • Drink Responsibility. Drinking in moderation isn?t just good for safety, it?s better for your teeth! The acids in both white and red wines can put your enamel in jeopardy. Additionally, wine can dry out your mouth, bringing other problems to the situation. When drinking wine, make sure to wash the drink down with some water
  • Don?t Go Crazy on the Sugar. Sugary sweets may be a holiday treat, but they don?t treat your teeth very well. Snacking all day can increase bacteria in your mouth that puts enamel in jeopardy, so keep your sugary snacking under control to protect your smile.
  • Remember Dental Care Routines. Don?t fall short on brushing and flossing during the holiday season. Make sure you?re brushing and flossing on a regular basis, at least twice a day. When possible, keep your teeth better protected by brushing an hour after meals as well.
  • Eat Carefully During Big Meals. Turkey, holiday ham, prime rib and many other dishes find their way onto tables throughout the area for holiday meals. But be careful as you?re eating to ensure you?re keeping your teeth in great shape. Don?t let bones, gristle and other hard to chew components of your holiday meals put your teeth at risk.

At Sawgrass Dental Arts, we know the holiday season is a wonderful time to be enjoyed with those that you love the most. The last gift anyone wants for the holidays is an emergency trip to dental offices in Parkland. Instead, follow smart holiday dental practices to keep your teeth at their very best. An expert family dentist in Parkland from our team at Sawgrass Dental Arts can help keep your smile great year-round.